Discover how God would use you to make disciples and turn disciples into disciple-makers.

is to see every believer equipped, encouraged, and actively engaged in the work of evangelism and disciple making in their own communities and nations. To accomplish this we want to see YOU and other key leaders in your church and local bodies of Christ, equipped not only to share the gospel yourselves but to train and lead others to do the same!
is a partnership of training and mentorship. Our mentors will provide you with the training you need so you can equip and engage the members of your church in personal evangelism and discipleship. You will have access to the CPE's own STEPS training material with personal coaching in how to utilize and pass on the training. You will also be encouraged to strategically multiply what you've learned and accomplished with other leaders and churches so that they may do the same and more may be reached.


is one of transformation. The Holy Spirit is ahead of us bearing witness to the truth in every place. He is the light of conviction to a world of lost and fallen people. Pentecost marked the beginning of a new era in the convicting  work of the Holy Spirit. The greatest expression of the Spirit's convicting work now comes through a Spirit-filled church and Spirit-filled Christians bearing witness to the person and work of Jesus Christ. By surrendering to that work we can be confident that disciples will be made and communities and nations will be transformed eternally!

There's some work to do. Be sure to read the partnership overview below. And then introduce yourself.